Friday, August 31, 2012

Paul Wolff Shirt Company Advertising Card

Pretty simple but great advertising card from the Paul E. Wolff Shirt Company in St. Louis, Missouri.

Paul Wolff got his start in the shirt business in 1881 while working at a factory in Warrensburg, NY. After relocating to St. Louis in 1883, he became a manager at a manufacturing plant for F.J. Dexter & Company. In 1886 Wolff became a partner. In 1889 he bought out Dexter and in 1890 started the firm of A.T. Hungerford & Company. In 1895, Wolff bought out Hungersford and in the following year of 1886 started the Paul E. Wolff Shirt Company.


Ad from The Postal Record of 1900


  1. Thank you for posting these images. Paul E. Wolff was my great grandfather. I have wonderful photos of him and his factory, but sadly non of his shirts. Keep posting.

  2. Glad you like the post. Your great grandfather's company has a great history.