Wednesday, August 15, 2012

1914 Geo. P. Ide & Co., Collar Advertising Fliers

These two 1914 advertising fliers are from the Geo. P. Ide & Co., located in Troy, New York. The company, which started in 1865, was originally called Ide & Ford. In 1867 Samuel Ide joined the company and it became Ide Brothers & Ford. In 1872 it became Ide Brothers & Bruce after S. V. R. Ford left and Charles Bruce joined the firm. That company dissolved in 1878 and became George P. Ide, Bruce & Company. The final name change came in 1884 when the company became George P. Ide & Company.

The piece below is a platinum print by Paul Outerbridge, Jr. from 1922 that was used in a Ide & Company advertisment. The original print was auctioned by Christie's in October of 2000 and sold for $314,000.


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  1. Beautiful ads! I would like a collar that allowed me to voice "fashions latest edicts".